New Look Yast

Did you notice the new look:](

Since when? If you are talking about the control centre then I prefer the old one. The menu on the left is superfluous given that all the options are on the right. The old one had only the options concerning each sub heading, much cleaner I think.

It’s the icons
here’s the old look

Ahh, OK. Looks better:shame:

caf4926 wrote:
> Did you notice the new look

personally, i wish every developer who spends one minute working on a
new look, would devote that minute to new stability, dependability,
and/or usability instead…


UI designers and usability testers rarely if ever know how to code which means they couldn’t contribute that minute or two into improving the stability.

For example our UI design team is populated by people who do graphics work for a living - not code. I don’t think any of them even knows how to use a compiler :slight_smile:

Personally, I believe that people working on the look and feel actually contributes to the usability.

It’s not just the look, but there are lots of new features in the various menus
‘Factory Update’ for example