New Leap user on XPS 13 (9343) success!

After finally getting irritated with windows 8.1 and the free “upgrade” to windows 10, I started trying some linux distros. I tried them all and decided on Opensuse Leap with gnome.

I installed about 3 days ago and have had nothing but a great experience so far. I had to add packman repos to install broadcom wireless. Then, I went with pulseaudio to get sound working. Installed Chrome to get netflix. Then, moved panel to top and installed Docky and audacious for my music player. Everything has just worked so well. I love the one click installs.

Why i chose gnome: KDE didn’t look well on my ultra HD display. I could get the panel and fonts to scale, but other menu items looked horrible. Other things bugged me with KDE - it looks like windows. I wanted something different. Gnome just looked great right out of the box.

Thanks for all the great input and posts from the members on this forum.

Always glad to hear success stories :slight_smile: thanks for sharing and have fun with openSUSE.

I’ve got an XPS 13 Signature Edition and I just downloaded the standalone Windows 10 installer. Took about 35 minutes to install. Haven’t encountered any issues so far. The DPI scaling in Windows 10 is much better than Windows 8.1.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I have the same laptop and in a few days I will take the same road.

I just want to ask you if you get all working fine beside all you mentioned. Camera? touchpad? what about screen resolution? did you get 4k default resolution? and the touchscreen?

Thank you very much again.


Welcome aboard