New Leap beside Instead over old Leap


My problem is connected with both 15.0 and 15.1 Leap. I wanted to install Leap 15.1 and my current linux is Leap 15.0. Problem is in partitioning: when I start to install system is installing on rest od my free space on home. So, I have had two partitions with two Leaps. Then I deleted old linux partition (15.1, cos i got back in 15.0), and now I have one ualocated place where 15.1 partition was

My question is: how to make my computert installing new operating system in place of old, but not to make new partitions?

Thank you for answering my questions

Vladimir from Serbia

Select upgrade option. Should format the old root partition and leave home un-formatted but mounted.

Or you can set exactly what you want in the expert option

When you select new install the installer assumes you want to install a new OS leaving any old intact

When you see a proposed partitioning, look to the bottom of the screen. There’s an option to use the expert partitioner. And you can select using that with existing partitions (rather than the proposed partitions).

Then you can tell the installer which existing partition to use for what. Actually, there’s an option to import mount points which should offer to reuse the existing partitions exactly as they were used for 15.0. It will want to reformat the root file system, but it will not suggest reformatting the “/home” file system (if that is a separate partition). You can, of course, manually tell it to reformat “/home”, but it’s usually best to not do that.

Thank you, friends. I have had one unnecessary partition, so I first have had to delete it and rezize /home. That is why I did not upgrade my OS. I do exactly as nrickert said, deleted unnecessary partition, axtended /home and reinstalled Leap 15.1.

So, both of you helped me (upgrade will be option now when my partitions are correct).

Thank you once again!