New Laptop compatibility with Linux

Looking for new laptop for a friend who is interested in trying out Linux.

Screen Size : 14 inch
Screen Type : Matt
Video output : HDMI
Graphics Card : Intel

hopefully working out of the box with Linux.

Anyone did such purchase recently, appreciate your feedback thanks.

Without specifics it’s impossible to say.

Hi caf4926, hope your all don’t mind the long winded-ness then :
CPU : Intel I5 preferred
Screen Size : 14 inch
Screen Type : Matt screen (this is a must, eye problem)
Video output : HDMI preferred
Graphics Card : Intel preferred (so no nvidia/ati config support headaches in case of updates)

Usage : Normal usage (web surfing, general homework), no gaming, no heavy video editing.

OS : Will be walking through installation of openSUSE (KDE4) with all necessary codecs and Linux Mint with her, to try out (gnome and kde).

anything else I missed out?

You’ll probably want to be careful about the wireless chipset for current linux support.

If possible, try to boot the laptop to a liveCD before purchasing.

When I purchase a new laptop, I typically narrow the purchase selection down to 3 or 4 different brands, and then I do a detailed search on the Internet for Linux compatibility and Linux experience with those models of laptops. I pay particular attention to compatibility with the graphics hardware (precise device/model #), wireless hardware (precise device/model#), integrated webcam (precise device/model# - preferably UVC compatible) and integrated audio (if possible determine precise hardware audio codec).

Try to avoid hybrid graphics as they are not supported well yet.


Noted, probably looking at a laptop with Intel’s wireless chipset.


LiveCD/USB is like voodoo to salesperson over here,
so far, no one allows that, citing virus or company policy as reason.

that’s why asking in the forums, hoping someone had made similar purchase recently and can share the info.

You’ll be safe with an Intel wireless chipset, but I suggest that once you have narrowed down on 3 or 4 models say, that you then research online with respect to the graphics,audio , and webcam devices. (Try to obtain the chipset information, or at least accurate and specific model information).