new konsole missing functionality and bugs


Until now I work on kde 3.5.2 (openSuse 11.1) but as 11.2 does not come with this kde version anymore I have to look into kde 4.3… (I tested at 11.2 rc1)

It seems not to be possible any more to save a sessions profile (more tabs to be opened at once?) as it the case with previous version of konsole. I would be very very happy to find that function back in a new version!! (unfortunately I cannot program it myself)

another missing option is the fantastic “send input to all tabs”. instead I have to choose now…
Maybe not only have a “send to all sessions”, but also “send to all tabs in this window” or so?

Weird thing is that window resizing is dramatically slow (bug?)

good luck and thanks for all dev efforts! I work with pleasure on OpenSuse for years now!



My last experience with the new konsole on kde4 with opensuse 11.1 was such a nightmare, with other lacks and bugs, that i had to switch back to kde3 .