New kernel out, and still NO FIX for the full screen bug in Firefox

Still cannot watch a flash video in full screen for more than 1 minute before it freezes/hangs. Ridiculous that this bug has been around for YEARS and no one took the time to fix it for new versions.

Not related to Firefox browser. Get the flash video picture freeze with SeaMonkey as well, and it’s been a few months not years.

Has been years. Suse 11.0 kde4 had the EXACT same problem. I had to use kde3 to avoid the problem.

What Kernel are you referring to? Fullscreen Flash in FF works fine for me. For years.

Kernel is:
Video is Intel 965gm
Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop

Do you think I should try a different kernel? Which one? Yast has a few listed to install


Probably because you don’t have/use an intel video chip and driver. I do and so does the OP.

Oh okay, didn’t know that, since Doug08 didn’t refer to a specific bug. Sincere condolences and all that.

:D. Normally my Intel IG Chipset “GM45” is pretty good. Anyway, IIRC Doug08 has been here before with this problem and there is also a bug reported by other users.

Now I feel like an idiot. LOL. When I edited the file 50-device.conf in X11, When I changed the line from device “radeon”, to device “intellegacy”, I forgot to uncomment it! I removed the #, and rebooted, all is fine. Hope this works for everyone else. I just watched 5 videos in full screen and none froze.