new kernel on tumbleweed

I would like to install the 3.3 kernel on my tumbleweed,
I’m using a dell latitude e6510, intel i7, nvidia NVS 3100N,
is this kernel the right one? :
I would like to use this way S.A.C.K., is it right? does it works??
and for the NVIDIA drivers I would like to download this:
NVIDIA - Download Drivers
from here,
and use this SANDY way
but I noticed this sticky, so it seems that I have to follow this.

Am I wrong in something?? ave you suggestion or corrections or dontdoit!! :slight_smile: many thanks pier

  1. The Tumbleweed kernel should come from the Tumbleweed repo, no other. If you’re already on Tumbleweed, it’s useless, maybe even problem-causing, to get your kernel elsewhere.
  2. SACK works, but why would you first install a Tumbleweed optimized kernel, then recompile it from the sources?
  3. The driver mentions the 32bit version, why run a 32bit OS on a i7?
  4. If you have the Kernel Development Pattern installed, and the NVIDIA driver downloaded, yes the sticky is the one to follow, at least if you want a working NVIDIA driver :smiley:

becouse my tumbleweed kernel now is 3.1.9-1.4-desktop and I would like to have 3.2 or 3.3 for better use my hardware

for the reason in 1)

oh, thanks, I didn’t noticed it, I will check it for x86_64

yes kernel development pattern is installed, NVIDIA driver is downloading, and yes I want a working NVIDIA driver :slight_smile:

Thanks, You opened my mind, I don’t remember why and when and where and what, but my kernels didn’t follow tumbleweed kernel, I looked into yast>install software if there was more versions of kernel, they was there, so I installed the kernel from tumbleweed repo, installed the last nvidia driver following the hard way, I met the intel_iommu=off problem solved inserting intel_iommu=off in bootloader, now my touchpad and some temperature sensors works, I don’t know if I will face problems with virtualbox, I will try