New kernel in openSUSE 13.1: Smooth update, no problems

I applied the kernel upgrade in openSUSE 13.1 a couple of days ago: Though the download was painfull, because of problems (perhaps overloaded?) with the mirror, the installation went smooth as silk.

There have been absolutely no related issues since, and – now, I am not certain if this is just my imagination or if it is real – it seems to me that openSUSE 13.1 is now running a lot snappier.

Great job by all involved!:slight_smile:

About the time… 13.1 went evergreen. and upgrade ok. My main server didn’t start the NFS server, Did a (zypper dup) today(10 of Feb) and the same problem occurred again after installation of 3.11.10-34 kernel here by a zypper up.

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The kernel update I referred to in this thread was okay, but another kernel update just a couple of days ago introduced problems. See that in another thread.

I had issues with both kernels in 13.1

Can you offer any reason why a kernel update would wipe out Network Manager settings?

Actually, I was a bit hasty in saying the kernel update is the cause of the Network Manager settings. It might be, but there were other updates at the same time, and one of those could perhaps be the cause. Unfortunately, I do not remember what other updates came in at the same time, so I cannot confirm if the cause is the kernel or another update, at this time.

I have not had the time to look any deeper, yet, but maybe someone else will.

Thanks for responding.

3.11.10-34 kernel and 3.11.10-32 kernel, wiped out settings in Network Manager and the Wireless mt7601/ralink2870 driver data previously configured in 3.11.10-29 kernel.

I could easily recover the Wireless settings, at start up using “Advanced Options for 13.1 via 3.11.10-29 kernel”. Both the strait version and the “Recover” version worked, returning my access.

Is this a bug?
Should this be reported to the KDE folks perhaps?

With my original wireless compilation instructions agreed completely with your assistance of my need to re-compile the wireless settings with each new kernel.

Here is the solution:

I may be redundant here, I only wish to put my best foot forward using this resource.
An oversight (I forgot) about “new kernel” requirements.

When a kernel has been updated, AND you had previously manually compiled wireless settings in the KDE Network Manager, the end user MUST re-compile the previously configured wireless settings.

Thank you one an all for taking a look.

Just a small correction:
You do not “compile the wireless settings in the KDE NetworkManager”.

What you actually (have to) do is compile (and install) the driver (i.e. kernel module) for your wireless card for the current kernel.

This is independent of KDE or any other desktop environment, and it is independent of NetworkManager too (the same would be necessary when using ifup).