New Kernel as part of auto update?

I have done a search and after many pages did not find this issue discussed based on the titles of the posts, so please do not crucify me if this is a really simple or already discussed topic.

So the normal auto updater ran and installed a new kernel for security vulnerability and it was a .pae version.

So after restart I now have 4 options on the boot screen, which includes the normal “SUSE” and a 'SUSE pae" version.

It defaulted to the new pae version and booted up. I got the video definition not found and had to enter a value manually.

The system comes up but not into x system. It gives me a login prompt and startx yields a “terminal not found.” Ran SaX2 and startx now works.

Unfortunately my KDE desktop is messed up now. There are none of the normal “taskbar” at boot up started processes there.

So what should I have done?

Better yet, hHow do I get my system back to normal and roll out the new kernel and all these changes?

An of course I am hosed till I get this resolved!


You should be able to boot if you chose the other kernel

post output of

zypper ls -d

I suspect you repositories are messed up.

You should be able to remove the pae kernel with Yast.

I had problems too with the pae kernel; after upgrading to 11.2, and later after a kernel auto-update.
kernel updated, -pae fails to boot - openSUSE Forums

I don’t know exactly what is wrong and how to solve this, but in my case, I just ignore the pae kernel and use the default one.
I edited Grub, removed the 4 new entries, and restored the default boot entry to vmlinuz (which links to the default kernel).

mtbarr64 wrote:
> So what should I have done?

instead of clicking “go ahead” (or whatever the “auto updater” popped
up to let you know there were updates waiting AND get your go ahead
approval for downloading and installing) click “details” and elect
to not do kernel (or any other updates) you don’t want until you
have researched if they are ‘safe’ or not…

and, drag the forums here for complaints like:

openSUSE 11.2 kernel upgrade causes bootchart to fill root
the system doesn’t boot, after kernel update?
Xorg don’t work after kernel update
Kernel 2.6.31-8 Strange boot messages

and other recent problem threads…then, decide if you want those
problems, or not…

all kinds of updates routinely break software systems…not just here,
not just openSUSE, but all over…


I think this may be happening because the “One Click” methods often add repositories and leave them active. Something in one of those repositories is doing this kernel switcharoo.

Best to leave only the basic repositories active.

Thanks! I am back to running.

Deleted the new kernel definitions in GRUB. The actual Kernel being run was the same (uname -a) reqardless of what selection I chose of the menu.

My laptop has two video cards, Integrated and Discrete. I had installed using the Discrete setting.

The BIOS on the laptop had the “Allow OS to pick video card” option set, so when I ran the SaX2 it found the other card for which I was not configured and that is what caused the boot up video definition not found message and kept x system from starting up correctly.

I turned off this BIOS option. Setting the default to Discrete card allowed normal booting with no issue, so I am back to normal.

Thanks All!

Still like to see the repository list. One is pushing the pae kernel. In any case you should pair down the repositories to just the basic ones. Also I recommend geting ride of the pae kernel (can be done from Yast). It will just complicate thing for no good reason.