New kernel 3.3.1-18 thrashed my wireless


I’m running a Zenbook UX31 with Tumbleweed for some time now and until today with the 3.3 kernel series all was about perfect.
After the latest update to kernel 3.3.1-18 a short while ago however I’m not able to connect my wireless anymore.
Any ideas? Anybody else has this problem also after this update?


I have something similar to this too after upgrading to kernel 3.3. My HP laptop with atheros wireless (ath9k) doesnt work after sleep/resume (it works ok on boot). I added a script similar to the one on but changing the driver to ath9k, and now it works fine, although, it shouldne be necessary :slight_smile:

In my case suspending was not involved and unloading/loading the driver module did no good.
As far as I can tell from this it may well be the same issue though.
I reverted the commit mentioned in that thread, rebuilt the driver and have a working driver again.

After the upgrade, I was still able to connect to my home wireless but not my work one. I was convinced the work router was blocking me. It looks like it’s the kernel instead.