New installation on macbook

I have a macbook with an intel dual core 2.2 GHz processor and my hard drive now is with MAC os (leopard) on half the drive and the other half unused so about 150GB on each size. Because of everyone having these grub errors, anything special I should be concerned with, while installing Opensuse 11.0 as the first install. I am just trying to know ahead of time to avoid problems. I DO NOT have microsoft windows at all, so keep this in mind for you windows computer people. If someone with a macbook, macbook air, or macbookpro that installed it would be helpful.


I have a similar set-up this link will work with suse 11.0 nicely be sure to follow it carefully. http://

I had install it on my machine (Macbook santa rosa 2.2ghz)
It was so sample, the only problem was with Grub, and it will showing to you a problem message in installation, don’t care about it and don’t make it retry to install the boot loader

after restart the system, you 'll need to install the boot loader manualy, and this article will help you
MacBook - openSUSE

then you will see the boot loader after that :slight_smile:

The only problem right now is that I can’t controlling my LCD brightness, still searching about this issue.