new install to raid0 - can't find root dev, mkinitrd fails

I have a dvd of opensuse 11.1 from linux magazine. It installed quickly and easily to my system. I have six sata drives and I installed it to /boot on sdb2 and / to a raid0 partition with a separate grub partiton to handle the boot process.

No issues until I tried to install the nvidia driver. The installed failed the first three times, then I got each module to install one at a time - then X failed with “…No valid configurations found”

When I dug in a bit the error was caused by mkintrd not working and the pertinant error was “Device root not found in sysfs” so the new initrd was never built and the driver install wouldn’t allow the boot to the older kernel to launch X.

I eventually got the gui back by removing the nvidia kernel but a further attempted updated caused the default kernel to uninstall leaving me dead.

Anyone know the fix for this?

Same problem here :(.

Err what?

The nVidia driver has nothing to do with your initrd.

What it might have to do is that it forces you to upgrade to the latest kernel which in turn might fail for some arbitrary reason - you should run zypper ref && zypper up as root from a terminal to see what’s causing it to fail.