New Install of KDE4 11.0 wont allow me to use sudo, only su

Hey all,

I am new here from an OS X and Ubuntu background…

Some pretty basic commands at standard bash shell don’t work for me unless I switch to a root shell, things like iwlist or ndiswrapper, for instance…

This is hard enough for a newb because it usually gives me file permissions errors, etc…

Other commands don’t work at all…The command lsusb wont work at all, with su or sudo…

Things like iwlist, for example wont work with a sudo, but does indeed work with su…

What gives?

Im on 64 bit 11.0 running KDE 4 with VERY little done to it…

Please advise

Used a live-cd to install, should always try to use the DVD as it contains things like usbutils already…

On Kubuntu/Ubuntu, you preface the privileged cmds with ‘sudo’, and provide your
own password (as a proxy) whereas
on SUSE (and most other distros), you ‘su’ first as a separate step.

I prefer the older ‘su’ setup, where I must know/provide the separate
root-password, mostly just because
I assign a much stronger password to root than to my user acct.
[Ubuntu’s default setup is a weak, shortcut approach, in my view. Tho, they
document how to convert it over to the more normal behavior.]
And, you can tweak SUSE’s sudo to achieve Ubuntu behavior, tho
I 'don’t know where the writeup for that is.

[Just different management setup styles, to confuse newbies switching
from one distro to another. :smiley: ]

As for the differences between su and sudo I can’t comment, but I can comment on lsusb. I just tried it and it works fine on a user account. You might fire up YaST, go in to software management and check to see if usbutils is installed.

Is your username shown in /etc/sudoers?