New install, moving Home folder questions.

Hey all,

I am moving my opensuse11 onto a new machine. I did a fresh install on new machine and now I would like to transfer my home folder from my existing machine.

Both machines have the same Opensuse1164bit/KDE3.5.9

1- If I mount the existing HD onto the new machine, and mount the home folder and copy over (overwrite all), will this work?

2- Will moving my home folder move all my codec settings, my media player settings, all my installed applications?

3- will the botched nvidia drivers move over as well and corrupt my onboard intel drivers?



1 ) Yes, as long as you have the same name & password, permissions,etc should be o.k.
2 ) only the personal settings ( in hidden folders ) will be the same. You will need to re-install codecs.
3 ) Nope, the nvidia drivers won’t be moved unless you are copying root as well


In general this willl work.

Better to start with an empty /home on the new system so that exactly every users data will be there after the copy.

See that the users/groups installed on the new system have the same uid/guid as on the old system. Ownership is by uid/guid, so when a file is owned by 1001:501 and on the old system this is you:users it should not be another:video on the new system.

It will copy all that is put in the home directories of the users (and other things you put in /home, but that is not normaly done). Inside ones home directory you will find a lot of directories/files (mostly their names start with a . (dot) to make them ‘hidden’) that contain settings from applications one uses like .kde, .mplayer, etc.
It will generaly not copy installed applications because these are installed by root in the system and reside in places like /usr, /lib, /bin, etc. But personal settings of these applications are normaly in the home directory as mentioned above.

Nvidia drivers are part of the system and not installed in any home directory. Though you may have a copy or an RPM of them there, but they are not the installed and functioning drivers.