New install Kwallet has failed

I clean installed OpenSuse 12.1 last night, and all was working well. Very impressed. However today the network manager would not connect because Kwallet had not launched and asked for my password. Once I clicked the network icon it appeared I entered my password and the network connected.

When I try to manually open the wallet nothing happens from the menu or from the terminal with “Kwalletmanager --show”

I want Kwallet to launch as soon as the desktop appears so that the network will start and other apps requiring passwords will also work when launched. I also ran “Top” and I can’t see kwallet running at all.

Anyone know a fix please

Configure you network connection as a system connection
Sometimes easier to delete any entry you currently have and re-make one

Ooops sorry I did not see the link. OK I have done that now but do you know what might be stopping Kwallet starting normally?

Well how embarrassing,it had started and gone immediately to Sys tray, behaviour I was not familiar with, in Kubuntu it opens on the desktop. So now I will have to see what happens next boot.

kwallet is by default hidden
you can change the settings for the tray via right click on the tray show hidden icons