New install doesn't provide HP printer support

Leap 42 provided a “Manage printers” option in the System launcher menu. New installation of Leap 15 doesn’t. It was necessary to install system-config-printer, (which then provided “Print settings” in the menu) - before I could install my HP printer. And it wasn’t an easy job.

There also seems to be a lack of CUPS support, but I’m not sure what bits are missing.

Did you install hplip before you tried to install the printer?

CUPS comes with it’s own CLI tools and aweb interface for configuration. (Various distros/DEs supply additional configuration tools such as system-config-printer, and the yast printer utility. As John already mentioned, install the ‘hplip’ package if HP printer support is required.

Ok thanks for the hint. I don’t recall having to install hplip manually before. And the CUPS interface etc has usually been part of the installation process, so I was a bit puzzled when I couldn’t see them.

I think I was prompted to install hplip by the printer installation wizard. All is now well.

Good to read of your progress with this.