new install - booting stuck on Verifying DMI Pool Data

Just installed 15.1 on a new WD 1TB drive and get booting stuck on **Verifying DMI Pool Data (it just sits there). **If I change drive boot order and boot on the installation DVD and choose ‘boot hard drive’ the grub menu shows up with the options and I can boot the new install. Just in case there is a problem with the HD I also did an install to a Samsung 50GB SSD with same results. MB is a Gigabyte GA78LMT. I had a working leap 15.0 install on this machine but drive died.
thanx in advance for any suggestions.

Boot like described, remove the DVD, run YaST - System - Bootloader. Click OK, and a new bootloader config will be detected and writen. Next reboot.

still same problem. Tried clearing cmos did not seem to help. Interesting to me that the boot from disk is aware of both installs so there must be a valid grub somewhere, but I don’t really know what the install DVD is actually doing at that point. Could it be that the bios just can’t boot from the drives? they both do show up in the boot screen. Might install Win 10 on the SSD and see if that boots (disconnect the 1 TB drive first)

If you upload output from running to or maybe we can see what’s missing and provide a path to a solution.