New install and list of installed programs

I want to make a new install of 11.3…Is there an easy way to reinstall all the packages i have installed from the repos without clicking on them one by one??Exporting a list maybe before making the new install?

So you want to move from 11.3 to 11.3, right? I think YaST offers some function for this, but I am not sure. Either way, this will work:

• First create a list of all packages without the version numbers

rpm -qa --queryformat '%{name}
' | grep -v gpg-pubkey | tr '
' ' ' > packagelist.txt

• Then reinstall 11.3 and run a regular systemwide update with only the official repos enabled (oss, non-oss, update)

• Reboot to make sure updated Kernels and the like are used

• Enable the needed repositories and install the packages by using the packagelist.txt:

zypper in $(cat packagelist.txt)

If I remember correctly (I am almost sure) Rain_Maker posted these commands some time ago (thx again for that).

Note: this will only work properly when using the same oS-Version (with the same architecture).

thanx for the reply…Its the same version and the same architecture…
So I’ll give it a try this night and we’ll see…
thanx again…

hey you could also use this Scripts/ at master from tuxlover’s bashtools - GitHub script i wrote.
after downloading it you should use it like this ./ -s

be sure you the script has read and execute privileges. it will save all the packages you have installed to your local drive. after installing the basic tools you should be able to read the packagelist with yast2 and use a local repository with the downloaded packages.