New /home with clean install.

Trying to clean install 11.2 dual boot with Win xp already installed. How do I create a new home partition, don’t want to preserve the existing home partition from a previous attempt. DVD installation and automatic config keeps saving the thing.

Have you tried clicking on Edit Partition Setup (Step 3 of Installation/11.1 Live CD - openSUSE) ? You can then specify that you want to format the /home partition.

Thanks, just don’t want to mess up the XP install. It was well and truly a major pain compared to suSE.

You won’t as you can select from a list of partitions to overwrite and you are told what it is going to do before you click install. So you have to make the same mistake twice to mess up XP.


There will be an option to edit the partitions, select the home
partition and check the format partition box.

Barry Nichols

Thanks everyone. Got it done. Reformated all execpt win c: worked great.