New Guy Says "Hello!"

Long time lurker, second time poster. :wink: Just want to say hello, introduce myself, then look about for another cup of coffee.

I started using a computer…um, netbook in 2007 with the just introduced ASUS 701 (still with its original 401 BIOS) which ran the Fisher-Price interface of KDE somethingorother - it’s sitting on a shelf in a place of honor fully loaded with openSUSE 12.3 KDE. I’ve poked around Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, CrunchBang, Fedora, CentOS, Xubuntu and Kubuntu, Salix…um, you get the idea. Somewhere along the line I upgraded to an ASUS U36SG-AS71 and on a dark and stormy night I stumbled across a website that had a quiz something to the effect: what Linux distro is right for you, and openSUSE was recommended but years went by before I installed one of the 11 series and almost fell in love. I finally settled on openSUSE KDE 12.1 or 12.2 having always previously used either Xfce or Openbox. With the release of 13.2 I changed to MATE 1.8 but that was short-lived as I upgraded to Tumbleweed last night.

One word: sweet. :slight_smile:

I like coffee, computers and cats although not always in that order. Hope to be here for awhile - three years and asked my first forum question this morning. Thanks to everyone who makes and has made openSUSE a useable product - as someone with a little skill I was able to install it and use it without issue.

Be seeing y’all around the forums…

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. Three years here (lurking as you said) and your first question? Sounds like you’ve got a reasonable understanding of openSUSE then, and/or good diagnostic skills. Hopefully, you can find time to assist others who could use the help. Pass the knowledge on. :slight_smile:

Welcome! The forums has been a great place for me so far (I’m rather new to it as well), and I’m sure it’ll be good for you too.
Good luck exploring the infinite abyss :slight_smile:

Welcome and I hope you make more contributions in future :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Glad to see you here, and I hope to see more posts from you, soon. From what I can tell, you probably can help a few others here.

Happy openSUSEing!

There - I fixed it for you! rotfl!

Honest, I just download an ISO, burn it, set my preferences and use the distro. Maybe I don’t always think I know as much as I really do but I believe we ought to play with our computers before we ever work with them. The old “hmm, what’s this button for?” has always been my motto ever since I was a boy. I recall taking a windup alarm clock apart to see what made it work then put it back together again, um, there were a few parts left over but it still worked. :wink:

Thanks for the kind words, nonetheless…

Thanks. Nice avatar, by the way. Need to find my old one but <ha> good luck with that. See you around the forums.

Thanks, john_hudson, me too. :slight_smile:

Oh, no! Someone else with high expectations from me :wink: but I’ll help when and where I feel most comfy.

Nice cat you got there. Need to scrounge an image of my old boy to put on the forum somewhere. Take care…and if anyone else comes by to say hello, I get back to you, too - just need to do some work on my system first.

Do you actually know what it’s from?!? No one does lol

Well, I know it’s not Ratatouille. :?

Lol, na, it’s from this >>