New guy in town.

Hello there! I dunno if this is common practice here, but in some other forums I go to, it is favorable to introduce yourself to the community.

So, here I am… I have been a Linux user since 3 years now. I have used Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10 and also 10.04 for quite some time. I have come to think that I should move on further into the world of Linux distros and trade an immature distro (as some people will call Ubuntu) to a more experienced and advanced distro. So, after a bit of looking around, I chose openSuSE for my new distribution. :slight_smile:

Here is my hello to all of the members of this openSuSE community. I hope to be helpful as much as I can, and I presume that a very keen and frank support in the matter of all respects of openSuSE use will be given to me by the friendly users of this forum, whenever I bother them. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Hope you enjoy.

This may help you
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

A warm welcome here. Enjoy. One important hint: things concerning system? Yast !!

And more welcome from here!

hcvv wrote:
> And more welcome from here!

+1 welcome, but i am finding it more and more difficult to keep all
40,000+ members straight in my mind…

i wish more would decide to put their hardware/software info into
their sig so i would have to try to remember who has what, what their
experience is, and . . .

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Welcome to OPenSuSe & its forum. I’m sure you’ll find us an informed & friendly bunch. I also came here from Ubuntu back when it was Edgy. Been here since Suse 10.0 have never been made to feel stupid by any member & except for about 5 inquiries have always gotten answers.

Welcome to openSUSE and welcome to openSUSE forums.

Please look around our forum threads and note we have a stickie at the start of each subforum area that may give some hints. In particular you may find our forum FAQ/How-To areas of interest.

There is a openSUSE Linux concepts guide you may find useful here: Concepts - openSUSE … I suspect most of that you know, but there are some openSUSE specifics in it that might be useful to pickup.

I’m a big Linux fan, and also to a lesser (but still big) extent an openSUSE fan, and documented my reasons for liking openSUSE here.

There are a couple things on our forum that you may notice right away and puzzle over

  1. we have an interface to a service we call NNTP, which brings in a different category of users, who do not use a browser to read/post on our forum but rather use something akin to an email program (a bit different). Hence that puts some constraints on how we arrange things/react to things in our forum. The great benefit is we have brought in some users (who dislike forums but like the NNTP way of reading/posting) that we would not have otherwise obtained. Some of them are superb contributors
  2. we have a 10 minute edit compromise in most forum areas. ie after 10 minutes one’s post is locked and can not be changed by a user. This 10 minute time was a compromise reached after long discussions and its not a perfect solution. 2 minutes (or shorter) would be better for some, and days would be better for others! Also, in our suggestions / polls area ( ? ) no edits are allowed after posting. There are of course reasons for the above, but I won’t drag this thread down with the reasons
    Hopefully you won’t find the above difficult.

Note the forums are only a small part of openSUSE, with a lot of activity taking place on the mailing lists, irc chat channels, bugzilla, and openFate … There is some guidance here to some of these other areas: Communicate - openSUSE

I’d also like to extend a nice warm welcome to openSUSE and to the openSUSE Forums as well. The wiki is undergoing some changes and upgrades, so when those are finished, roughly early July, I hope you will enjoy the new and improved wiki. If you have feature requests, please use and to report bugs, well, use bugzilla for that

Sure, thanks a lot for a warm welcome. There is nothing better than a guide on multimedia functionality. In Ubuntu, I had made a script for installing ubuntu-restricted-extras metapack, which included all codecs. Hope there would be such a metapack here. Cheers!
Yup, I guess that’s what openSuSE is famous for, ain’t it? YaST!!!
Well, thanks mate!
Sure sir! I shall make sure to format my signature as soon. The thing is, I am going to buy a new system very soon. I shall add up the specs then. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot pal! I am sure I have made a very good decision. :slight_smile:
I am not sure I understand the NNTP stuff sir, but I am positively savvy on the second point. I will make sure to comply. And I am gonna read the pages you linked in the post. I am sure it’s gonna be a very very exciting new experience for me.
I have never reported a bug before, actually never came across one before, not the one I could place to be a bug and not my silly mistake. If I sometime come across such a fly, I shall be sure to report it.

Thank you all for welcoming me. I hope to have a nice journey with openSuSE and you people. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I question this statement:
Ubuntu is not really that “immature” in terms of age, its been around since 2004 and even though SUSE is older.

In terms of how “advanced” something is in terms of ease of use, well truth be told openSUSE is just as easy (and in some cases easier) then Ubuntu, but that all hinges on what you need it for.
Both are what I consider “intermediate” distros, a distro almost anyone can use but has no preinstalled codecs and such.
Beginners distros are PClinux, Linux Mint and Mepis Linux.
Intermediate distros are Ubuntu, openSUSE and Fedora.
Advanced are Slackware, Arch, and Gentoo
And for the insane Linux from scratch

So some clarity is needed on your statement.

zia-newversion, just a heads up, … TaraIkeda is our resident Ubuntu “fanboy” (although she is not a boy) so one can be assured that she will jump in at most Ubuntu comments on our forum. … but thats not all bad, … I’m a BIG Fedora fan (even though I prefer openSUSE) so use of other distributions IS allowed. rotfl! rotfl! … but we ask that major discussions of other distributions go where they belong which is NOT on our openSUSE forum.

We have a new release of openSUSE coming in a month time, and I am pretty certain that will drag all the Trolls and Distro hoppers out of the wood work. … I’ve been following the Fedora forum, and with the recent release of Fedora13, a number of trolls/distro-hoppers have landed on that forum, although I have to say the numbers of trolls/distro-hoppers posting on the Fedora forum appear to me to be far less than the numbers that like to pontificate on our forum. Still the numbers on the Fedora forum were large enough to have one ongoing thread of someone asking why were all the trolls showing up?

No I am not a Ubuntu fangirl I am a linux user who happens to like Ubuntu.
I was questioning the statement made by zia-newversion in his term of “advanced”

Besides if I am a Ubuntu fangirl, you could be considered a openSUSE fanboy if we are using the same terminalogy.

I don’t have a problem with that. Although despite my being a fan, I do not constantly post on Fedora nor on Ubuntu (nor on other Linux distro forums) that I prefer distroX over their distro. Maybe there are “degrees” amongst fanboy/fangirl “fanness” (to make up a word).

Given you constantly post you prefer Ubuntu on an openSUSE forum, I’m surprised you have a problem with that expression.

I prefer the term “supporter” but whatever

TaraIkeda wrote:
> I prefer the term “supporter” but whatever

but, in what way do you find it useful to ‘support’ U here? does the U
need more users, or what?

i guess i don’t understand a psychological need being fulfilled by
going to “the competition” to stir the pot…that is,i’ve never logged
into a ubuntu, red hat, debian, microsoft, sun, or mac conference to
fanboy for openSUSE, ever…

and hope i never need that…

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
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No I tend to compare distros a lot even on other forums, my good and bad experiences and how well they stack up.
I have praised openSUSE you know

Welcome. You’ve probably come at a pretty interesting time, so get your feet wet with 11.2, and then wait a bit to jump into 11.3 (let the experienced lizards work through the bugs first rotfl! ).

By the way, so long as you are respectful, people don’t look down on you for coming from Ubuntu (or Fedora or anywhere else) because Linux is all one big-happy-family! :slight_smile:

And you’ll probably find out a number of people here hang out in the other forums, so it isn’t like you have to go with one-or-the-other. You might even see me in the other forums (with the same username).

So give it a whirl, try it out and be patient because each distro does things differently and with a different “focus”, or orientation. And feel free to ask questions here, this is a friendly group of people which I think you’ll come to appreciate.

Hey guys, thank you all. I never expected to see my post so crowded with experienced people/lizards. :stuck_out_tongue:
No really, it is refreshing to know that big fishes here like to mingle with toads like myself. (You know at “some” other forums, lower-echelon and upper-echelon geeks have invisible walls between them and it’s like experienced people consider the less-experieced infidels and less-experienced consider the more-experiened royalty, which by-the-eay gives me creeps :))
So in short, I am not just enjoying it, I am literally loving it. :wink:

zia-newversion wrote:
> less-experienced consider the more-experiened royalty

please do not call me King…

but, you should remain on the floor, looking down as you speak! :wink:

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
posted via NNTP w/TBird | KDE 3.5.7 | openSUSE 10.3 SMP i686
AMD Athlon 1 GB RAM | GeForce FX 5500 | ASRock K8Upgrade-760GX |
CMedia 9761 AC’97 Audio

LOLxxx…! :smiley:
No seriously, that element of respect shall be duly considered. But you know, humble kings are respected out of love more than out of fear. Depends upon your choice of respect-level, though! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, just to mention that you all experienced guys there, I submit my due respect to you, based on the fact that having more knowledge certainly maketh you my superiors. :slight_smile: