New Forum

I just love this new setup for the forum.
I used to slowly move the cursor to the next position, waiting for the next screen. Now there’s no time between. It’s so fast.

Yes, I think it is working a lot better. I expect remaining issues to be worked out sooner or later.

The new forum doesn’t permit to login when quoting a post.
Ex: I am just lurking the forum then I got interested of quoting a post to reply.
The forum will prompt me to login but will not accept my user and password.

A better description would be that it allows you to start a “Reply With Quote” when you are not logged in. This seems to be a bug. It does not allow you to start “Reply to Thread” when not logged in.

I still see indications the site is likely behind a reverse proxy.
Although a lot less often then before, from time to time the web browser sits waiting for a server response.
The quick workaround whenever this happens is to stop the browser (essentially killing the session) and either refresh or click the link again to re-fetch the page.


Of course it is behind a proxy. And I don’t see the ‘waiting for a server response’. Yet I do see the occasional ‘Firefox cannot find this page, Refresh?’ where the refresh always brings me to the correct page,correct action intended. I haven’t had to kill the browser for that.

Well I’m pleased to say I haven’t come across those problems. So I still think it’s great.

I had that happen yesterday. But that was the first time with the new forum. My browser said “no route to host”, so there may have been an intervening router down somewhere.