New forum - Where is RSS

Great work getting the new forum up an running so smoothly.
One glitch I am struggling with is loss of the RSS feed.
Yes, some of us still use news and RSS to scan the forum contents.
I setup the RSS feed to the old forum so long ago I have forgotten how.
This is the link that used to work (faultlessly):,669,670
How can I access the RSS feed for the new forum?

It depends on what you want in the rss feeds, all of the forum would be under openSUSE Forums - Latest topics, individual categories, you just need to add .rss after its url (we are in right now, just make it


Thanks for your prompt and helpful response. I like it. A much simpler scheme.
So, to reiterate: to access an RSS feed listing posts to the new forum, or to any individual category of it, add .rss after its url.
I want the feed for forum category ‘English’ so the RSS url is
Super. I look forward to learning more about how to use the new forum to keep in touch.
p.s. aKregator likes it too - confirmed to work well.