new forum style


is it possible to reduce the contrast between fonts and white
background some more?

i mean, i can still read it…

or, will there be a ‘skin’ which promotes readability (over beauty)?

[hope i didn’t over-obfuscate my displeasure with the washed out new]

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Hope there will be still the (now new) style “openSUSE basic” to use.
And I will try to find a way in my thunderbird to follow special threads easier (maybe just a predefined search for my username combined with the sorting by tread).

But I also think that the real thing will have a bit more contrast than the display picture. Just look at the wiki:
Portal:Support - openSUSE
A “openSUSE basic” in the wiki for people above 20 (like me) or with a small display (netbooks?) would be a thing to think about, too, would it not?