New Forum Moderators: Fraser_Bell, Sauerland, nrickert and I_A

Hi All
You may have noticed new titles for the above Forum users who have agreed to become Forum Moderators.

Please join me in congratulating (commiserating? :wink: ) the new additions to the openSUSE Forum Team :slight_smile:


They know a thing or two about openSUSE… but can they identify spam?

Congratulations and I must say this is well deserved. I’m sure you will be great moderators.

We, other staff members, did of course already welcome them and showed our gratitude that they are willing to spend some more of their free time in the forums as they do already.

But I am glad I can do this gain here in the open part of the forums.


I’ve eaten some of that stuff. Spam is not bad, though a bit too salty.

And forum spam is not to my taste, either.

@Fraser_Bell, @Sauerland, @nrickert, @I_A:
My twopence: congratulations; commiserations; and very best wishes!!

Can you figure out which posts have me ROTFLMFAO???rotfl!

Been a while since I’ve been here I’m happy to welcome a squirrel and a fellow cat to the mods!

They’re all house-trained as well lol!

House trained and a little bezerk.
Eating all they see mostly Spam.