New folder in /media each time external drive is mounted

In opensuse 11.0, each time I mounted an external drive with a particular name it would mount it to the same folder, and that folder was removed when the drive was unmounted. So for instance if the drive was named “Disk” it would mount in the folder “Disk” each time, and Disk would disappear when the device was removed . However, in opensuse 11.1 each time I mount the disk it creates a new folder, and that folder is not removed when the disk is unmounted. So the first time I mounted it was in a folder called “Disk”, next time it mounted it was in a folder called “Disk-1”, then “Disk-2”, and so on. I now have more than half a dozen folders for the same disk. Is there any way to fix this, other than manually deleting all of the folders every time?


Why don’t you file a bug report on that: Simple Search and click the “New” tab.

Looks like there are already a bunch of bug reports on this going back three months:

There is also a similar GNOME bug, although the GNOME bug is listed as P1 priority while the KDE bug is listed as P5 priority:

Thanks for checking 1st, well done.

Won’t hurt to add to the existing bug (& also ask that it be upgraded too). Also see if there is an unfilled “info needed” tag; many times the more folks help out there, the more info the Devs have available to get it resolved. If you respond, just tell them you have a similar problem and give them the details.

The “more info” one is for the GNOME bug, I use KDE and the devs are insisting these are separate bugs.

I’m having this nasty issue also, I’m using Gnome with openSUSE 11.1-beta5.2. Everytime a dvd is mounted from Gnome (on different sessions), a new mount point is created with a “underscore bump” name, though is the same unit all the time.

Before mounting

#ls /media

After mounting

#ls /media

and this is what I got from /var/log/messages

vaughan hald: mounted /dev/sr0 on behalf of uid 1000
Nov 21 10:25:28 vaughan gnome-keyring-daemon[3786]: adding removable location: volume_label_CDROM at /media/CDROM____

I did a search but didn’t found any bug report related to this problem in this version.

Sorry about my english

I recommend you both submit bug reports see (post #1).

PS: Adrian, nothing wrong with your English, reads perfect :wink:

This seems to be fixed now.