New Firefox Beta 29

I see Firefox Beta is at 29 now on my Windows 7 but I don’t know how to get it on OpenSuse - easily and with the add-ons.




I download and install from Mozilla Firefox Web Browser | Download Firefox Beta for Desktop - Free

Well actually I update automatically the build I downloaded from Mozilla. many moons ago. With this release I reset the profile to have a clean slate.

Doesn’t look like it is available in the openSUSE Build Service - Mozilla repository at this time.

Does openSUSE keep up with the beta builds Mozilla releases? Beta 2 and 3 should be released next week.

Generally you need to wait a few days fo things to get packaged up and tested. It Will be a long soon I’m sure.

Download it and then unzip and it just works? How do I get it installed and on my Gnome Application menu and all?


If you manually install it you must manually add it to the menu