New disk drivers "gotcha"

Just thought I’d report this difficulty with the “by-disk-id…” partition labeling (“waiting for drives to appear” during boot). For the last decade or so, I’ve used Clonezilla or G4L to ghost my drives onto bigger hardware as-necessary. I just did this on my laptop a few days ago (WinXP+Vista+Win7+OSuse11.1) and neither Win7 nor 11.1 would boot because of the new partition names involve the disk serial number, which is different. Win7 had a nifty repair utility to fix this. I could have tried booting a Live suse disk, but I don’t know what/where to fix in 11.1 - is this just an fstab thing? Too, I think different software calls yield different disk-id strings, so I’d need to use whatever SuSE 11.1 uses.


ls -ll /dev/disk/by-uuid/

Is that what you need so you can fix grub and fstab? Though tbh afaik you can default to /dev/sd** format I do, find it easier.

It should of dropped you to the rescue console, after failing, from here or a live disk edit fstab I also suspect menu.1st is wrong but without the error it is a little difficult, i.e does it get past loading the kernel?

**does it get past loading the kernel? **
Thanks! Yes, it gets to where it’s looking for disks (to mount?) and says they’re not present… then it drops me to the command line. But I never learned to use the linux command line, so I guess I could use Knoppix to edit and use the command you mentioned: ls -ll /dev/disk/by-uuid/

Of course, that’s for future reference as I’ve already reinstalled. How do you default to the /dev/sd** format?