New Discourse forum = WOW!

Modern, functional, fast, intuitive and beautiful! This on top of the usual helpfulness of those around here. What else may a user need? :slight_smile:

Thank you for this effort!


Yes, I find it easier to read (black on white).


So, admittedly, I’m basically new to this message board (my account has been around for a bit but has been idle) but what I would say vis a vis this Discourse-based board is it really could do with being fleshed out more fully to look more like a normal message board. I’ve no idea what’s in the works (as I said: basically I’m new here) so I’m awaiting further developments.

All the best!

Please, describe a “normal” message board.

  • I doubt that, there’s a definition for a “standard” layout of a message board.

Basically, Bulletin Boards have been around for a while now – possibly ever since humans began scratching symbols on the walls of their caves …

  • Yes, I’m missing things such as a horizontal line – just “discovered” it – 3 times “-” …
  • Yes, it’s “different” – I’m having fun with my Avatar – expect it to change a few times …
  • Yes, the statistics of the replies to each question are going to take a little bit of “getting used to” …
  • Yes, the automatic indentation needs some experimentation to handle what’s going on, as indeed the automatic bold text if there’s not an empty line before a horizontal line …
  • Yes, it’s “different” but, I guess that, once we get used to it, it’ll be OK …
    „Schau ma mal … ”

Oh, I’m by no means complaining. I guess it’s just the present layout is kind of sparse compared to what I’m used to with vBulletin, which is I believe what has been used for most of the other message boards I’ve ever been on. I mean, for instance, unless I’d navigated back into this thread (by accident, actually) I wouldn’t have seen that you’d replied to my comment. That could be a hassle if someone was posting a question and needed a response but had to go back into whichever thread(s) they were engaged with to see if someone had responded.

Have you turned on notifications?

They’re all set to the default values:

Consider topics new when created in the last 2 days
Automatically track topics I enter after 4 minutes
When I post in a topic, set that topic to Tracking
Notify when liked First time a post is liked and daily

But there’s no option to notify when someone replies to one’s own post, at least as far as I can see.

@Babylon5Nut Hi you should get this as a notification @username, else at the bottom of the thread there is a dropdown (default is Normal).

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Ok, so I actually noticed just now (I hadn’t before) a notification in the upper right by my account avatar menu. And yes, I just set that setting to “Normal”. Let’s see what that does.

Thanks so much!

@Babylon5Nut and since I had this set to tracking, I also received and email alert :wink:

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There is also an option in your preferences (as I recall) to automatically track (or have notifications) to discussions you start. Have a look through the user preferences and see what you see there.

The linear view is taking me some getting used to (threaded was always my preference), but the linear view has grown on me a bit over the time I’ve been testing/playing with Discourse (I set up my own server to experiment with as well).

I personally really like that there’s a “dark mode” available by default.

And it really doesn’t hurt that it’s all open source (vBulletin isn’t).

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As I read this thread, I had to chuckle a bunch. This is the first time I’ve seen this uh… system here on the openSUSE site. I have seen it on another forum I use somewhat and find it funny that when there, I always thought it would be better if they used the system that is or was here.

That said, I too am at the age where I don’t like change even if it’s for the better. :wink:

So, I guess I’ll just have to use it for a while before saying too much. I absolutely do like the dark interface! A white screen hurts my poor old eyes!


i like the new Discourse forum.

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I don’t like this new forum

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Hehe, old as I am. I don’t care if some persons have trouble with the size and code strings flowing…

I thought that the forum was to help newcombers and support. Mailing lists is a alternative.


Yes, this is a gigantic upgrade. There is a reason so many sites have moved to Discourse. Glad to see the switch and I thank all involved!

The forum longer looks like trash on my phone, so that’s a big win.

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Which Pocket Telephone?

  • ARM with KDE Plasma Mobile running on it? :star_struck:
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I’m on an iPhone here and use the Fig application works great.

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For me it is just the opposite. I can’t stand dark pages with white texts, it makes the text so hard to read. In my computers it is always a white(ish) background with either black or blue font.
So forum maintaneers, please keep this light version for ever. Thank you very much.