New category proposal: security

Agree here. +1 for solved thread button.

Just an idea: Why not make a poll for it, and ask the forum users, either they want this or not.:idea:

ok, lets say i’m a new guy and i just made a mistake and i look and
see a subject “LOST status bar, how do i get it back :SOLVED:”

but it is from an old version 10.3 thread, is it ‘solved’ on his 11.1?

what if the SOLVED is from 11.0/Gnome, is it SOLVED for her 11.1 with
KDE4.1 ??

what about “HELP with Installation Problems :SOLVED:” what is that one
good for?

or, “HELP ME PLEASE!!! :SOLVED:”, how many of those do we need here??

and, just how many different threads marked “black screen :SOLVED:”
would we have to have before the next person decides to actually use
the forum search engine to find “black screen” and would it really
make any difference if s/he added ‘solved’ to the search string??

my experience here is that most folks here are gonna ask, and not
search for threads, solved or not…

and, if they do search then they are as likely to find a valid
solution to a problem they do NOT have, as one they do have…

‘solved’ is usually a unique and very temporary condition…


Well, based on your experience, the staff should immediately remove the search facility as it’s “useful but not used, creates overheads for the forum staff, and wastes real estate”. :\ I don’t think so, somehow. :slight_smile:

I love to discuss about solved and tagged but this is a bit OT…
While I agree about the usefulness about solved button and tagging.
Still I would prefer opinions (and arguments, no polemics) about the feasibility of a security category or an alternative solution for gathering solutions that involve the same thematic but spread over a lot of parts of the OS (to allow for a better orientation and/or to avoid redundant questions).


Kim (7/29/2009 10:06:37 AM Mountain)