New camera compatibility

Hello we have been opensuse users for a while now and would like to know if the
**Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15 Camera is compatible with opensuse leap 42.2 …using digikam 5.2 on gnome **

if anyone has used this device on opensuse and can verify it is supported we would be most grateful .

Pretty well all Linux programs use the same software to access cameras. So if it works with one distro or one program, it will work with openSUSE. Panasonic cameras have been supported in Linux since at least 2004. So I would be very surprised if one was not supported now.

+1 from me. Most camera support PTP, so it should just work. A quick search suggests that this camera provides both PTP and PC modes. The latter mode will allow the device to appear as a storage device that can be mounted directly, but for digiKam PTP is the way to go.

Thanks for all your replies …we have not purchased any camera for a while now so it good to know open suse is still supporting the latest models of camera on the market… i seem to remember it was a bit hit and miss in the past …

many thanks

Yes, but that wasn’t specific to openSUSE of course. It is that we have to thank for camera support. :slight_smile: