New Boy...

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself.

Over the last 18 months I’ve been using a dual Windows XP Home / Sabayon 3.5 x64 system. I am an inherently lazy computer user although I can ‘drive’ and adjust the systems fairly proficiently.

Some weeks ago I went down the Vista road and have now added a second HDD for my Linux system. Mainly due to my lazy approach I am a fan of DVD size distributions as they tend to cater for my needs ‘out the box.’

To cut a long story short, I have chosen openSUSE 11.1, due in no small part to the fact it has a comfortable, familiar feel and detected my hardware in enough detail to save a lot of lost time on configuration.

I will be devoting my next week of free time to tweaking and moulding it. Doubtless I will be spending some time in the tech areas to see what’s what regarding my hardware.

Look forward to speaking to you in greater depth,

Brgds - Andy

Welcome to our forum. Glad to have you aboard.

We can be a feisty lot at times, but mostly our forum consists of a lot of volunteer openSUSE enthusiasts, who try help out as best we can.

Here is a link to some basic openSUSE concepts (although I suspect you have most of this “down pat” already): Sound-concepts - openSUSE

Be certain to check out our “stickies” at the top of each forum subarea.

And again, welcome.

Welcome to the forums, FatTulip. Just curious, what made you decide to switch from Sabayon?

welcome to the suse forums bro

hey with a name like that… i have to write it down…

what is nicer than a rose on a piano??
tulips on an organ!!

welcome to the club…

Thanks for your welcome and the pointer about the sound architecture will be really useful since the one lacking aspect of my system is one of those Realtek HD onboard gizmos!!!

To be honest, Sabayon has been really good to me and on a number of occasions a real ‘get out of jail free’ card. The latest pod though, (4.0-r1) wasn’t very sympathetic to my system. I’d also been banging my head against a wall with some CUPS issues and GUI glitches.

Finally, I use an XfX 9800GT XXX video card and it just didn’t like it full stop - even in failsafe. Some bits & pieces I read rated openSUSE, so I took a chance.