New ATI Driver; Running Sax2 Not Needed

I just installed the latest ATI driver on my notebook using the installer from the ATI site. After the installer ran, I entered the command

aticonfig --initial -f

Then I simply rebooted without exiting the x-server and running the customary “sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx” command.

When I got back to the desktop, the driver was installed perfectly, and the Catalyst Control Center was also installed and working.

So apparently changes have been made to either the newer ATI drivers or to the latest version of Xorg that simplify installing ATI drivers and eliminate having to run sax2 afterward.

I’m curious if a simple reboot works with Nvidia drivers as well. I believe it does but will have to test it out on my system to confirm.

While running sax2 won’t hurt your display driver installation, I believe it is no longer necessary, at least with ATI drivers.

Yes the nvidia drivers do and you don’t even have to reboot jast statx. Everything is configured automatically if you answer yes to the last question anbout automatic configuration.


Does the latest driver work with the ATI X700 card? Every time in the past I’ve tried to get this card to work I just end up hosing my system.

It should be supported.

If do you try to install it, make sure you give details exactly what steps you took, because it’s easy to mess up an ATI driver install. There are several pitfalls for the unwary.