New applications are not starting

I have just loaded Suse and now its been running for just over 24 hours. I have download some software from the system and many of them are loaded but not running. For instance, I loaded Billiards, the icon bounces around fine, but no program appears, Thats not the only one I have 4 video programs I have tried and they do the same. I am slowly going through them and its disappointing. Is there a way to reload them properly? By the way I HAVE RELOADED on the installation program and that didn’t help except use up my bandwidth



> I loaded Billiards, the icon
> bounces around fine, but no program appears

Billiards is a 3D game (i wonder if all you downloaded are also 3D
games)…is your graphics card capable of 3D?

what kind of card is it, and have you yet installed the correct driver
for it…

if you have a nVidia card see:
ATI see:

other? see


You could be right and the graphics card is not set up right yet. In my hardware info it states Display Info
Vendor: Mesa Project
Model: Software Rasterizer
Driver: 2.1 Mesa 7.2

I have a NVidia 9400GT 512mb PCI-E
But not sure which to link to as I clicked
For all new NVIDIA cards (Geforce 6 and newer), click here:
Then it stated something if was not a something I would regret it. I have made a few mistakes already and lost everything. So can I ask if this is the right link before I **** thing up again?

Thank you


Some NVIDIA Basics - openSUSE Forums

Thanks I shall see how it goes as I have downloaded the new NVidia settings