new and helpless

i bought a used laptop and was unaware that it had linux on it. I contacted the previous user about whether windows was still installed and he said that he didn’t know…
I have been trying to learn Linux for the past week to (I feel) no avail. I am having problems that I have no idea how to fix :confused: …i am by no means a computer person either…
how do i completely remove this system from the hard drive?..I read the whole deleting partitions thing, but am so unfamiliar with the Linux jargon that I get lost pretty much everytime.
i have been told by many people that linux is better than windows, but it really just confuses the hell outta me

The easiest way would be to format the hard drive (you can download a bootable CD iso from the hard drive manufacturer’s website for free) and then install the OS of your choice.
I am sorry to hear you are having problems with Linux though, which distro do you have on that lappy?