New Age theme pack!

Here is yet another QTcurve theme from yours truly, plus another color scheme.
This I think is a wonderful looking theme, even though the blue is overdone i think I have a cool gradient for the toolbar/menu and the windows themselves.
The only thing I feel out of place is the file save dialogs, they look kind of odd compared to the rest of the theme but meh.
Link to screenshot:

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Thnx For The Kewl Theme :smiley:

The color scheme is great! Nice job!

Take Care,


Thanks, I might make some more QTcurve themes in the future

Just out of interest. How does this theme look with GTK apps like Firefox ,Thunderbird, gimp, etc? Do all the colours and decorations get applied correctly? I’d like to see a screen shot as I’m having trouble with getting the QT themes to apply across GTK apps.

see for yourself:](

Firefox looks fine too:](

Thanks. I just installed your theme and my scroll bar in FF doesn’t quit look like yours. The corners are more rounded so the end of the scrollbar makes a half circle rather than just having radiused corners.

Seems like my GTK apps are picking up a default for the scrollbars from somewhere as they appear like this for some of the other gtk themes.

Yeh not sure not what to tell you

New Age theme pack for QTcurve by ~SunnyRabbiera on deviantART

Here is a repost, now on Deviantart for the time being until I find better filehosting