*new* 3D Breakout game available for Linux


I’m about to release a 3D Arkanoid sequel for Linux!!

You can get it at : Home of -= Furiod =- the game!!

you are also welcome to test it on any distro you like!

Any kind of constructive feedback is welcome!!

I know, the game ships as a binary but sorry i’m on the darkside of the moon ^^

It uses InstallJammer as the installer but you can also try the simple archived version which is available as a .zip

Finally, GLIBC 2.4 , libopenal and disabling desktop effects are required, everything else is described in the readme.txt

Enjoy and good luck

Anyone for some feedback running on OpenSUSE? :slight_smile:

or anything else is welcome!



It ran sucessfully on openSUSE 11.0 x86_64 with the proper 32bit libraries installed.

Feedback? Ok. I am horrible at arkanoid type games. I lost continually at level 1. But, about the game:

Graphics: Looks good - everything was quite smooth, I was impressed. I had a little difficulty in telling the difference between the various powerups - they were all shiny to me.

Audio: Seemed fine. Maybe a faster paced song at level one so I don’t feel as depressed about losing over and over.

Gameplay: These games are always hard for me, so I am not a good judge at difficulty/fun in this instance.

Other: I suggest a main menu so people can have options like turning off the music, changing resolution, make full screen, deleting highscores so my sole entry makes me look good…, etc. Also a key to the various powerups all on one page would be good.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Most of the things concerning fullscreen shortcuts, music volume and so on are written into the readme.txt and also enumerated in the main menu within the game rules.

Now concerning bonuses and the difficulty to guess them, it’s part of the game, just as it was with the original Arkanoid (kind of)

Thx again for your feedback!