New 13.1 x86 32-bit install KDE Xorg crashes launching apps

With your test rpm and removal of the 50-mydevice.conf, the crash of X also did not occur.

Great! So the fix works for you.

If you want the fix to be included into the official openSUSE packages you should open a bug report at (same username/password as here) though. If you do that, please point to that upstream bug report and say that the commit there fixes the crash for you.
And please post back a link to that bug report here, please.

Bug report submitted. Hope I wrote it up well enough.

Thanks very much for all of your diagnostic help.

Yes, looks good.

I will submit the fixed package in the next days, if nobody else does it before…

Is the patch that was posted to the report the same one you built into the test rpm of yesterday? Or do I really need to try to apply that patch as requested?

Edit: Never mind. I see your update now at the end of the bug report. Many thanks again.

Yes, it’s exactly the same.