New 11.4 Yast Feature

In Security and Users>
Security Centre and Hardening

Here is a screen
No comments about the settings please I haven’t even looked at it yet:

Seems like a really nice addition to YaST and to openSUSE. Even more temptation to play around with 11.4.

That is not a new 11.4 feature. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or what am I missing?

What exactly you mean.
Is it in 11.4 or not?
Is it in 11.3?

It is there in 11.3 and goes by the name Local Security. :wink:

Your right it not a new 11.4 feature, it’s a new 11.4 YAST feature. A cleaner, hopefully more intuitive way of working with YAST security.
It is change from the 11.2 YAST look and 11.3 YAST look so IMHO it does qualify as a new YAST look for the new 11.4

You are correct. My apologies to you. I stand corrected.
Lets hope this thread is swallowed up in to obscurity to save further embarrassment :wink:

No need to apologize for anything. It is a great feature in YaST that I myself only discovered this summer, after several months running openSUSE.