New 11.1 Installation - Kicker Problem

Some time ago, I installed 11.1 (KDE3) on an EeePC 901. This installation was trouble free, and so I decided to replace 10.3 on my desktop (Dell Dimension) with 11.1 (also KDE3)

What a disaster!! I had to repeat the install process 4 times before it worked at all. Eventually I had to re-format /home and the swap partitions well as the root partition. It now seem to be working.

I have a problem with Kicker, however. The applications tab has the annoying characteristic of hiding all its entries (Internet, Multimedia, etc) until I move the mouse upwards over them, when they appear. If I move the mouse down again, they disappear again. It is totally unusable!

Can anyone tell me how to get back to a sensible configuration? I’m desperate!

Many thanks in advance

If you dont like that one (as I dont) then right click on the kicker and change to classic view.

I don’t have a problem with kicker -I’ve been using it since 10.3 - it’s just the ridiculous disappearing entries in “Applications”. Amazingly, when I installed 11.1 on to my laptop from the same DVD, it didn’t do this!

Further to my earlier post, the problem described was accompanied by small fonts in the Kicker panel, and on a number of Yast screens (Software Management, etc.)

I have discovered today that all of these problems are solved by logging in using “Failsafe” mode. I therefore assume that automatic configuration of the installation has gone wrong in some area.

I would be very grateful for any advice on where to start investigating.

Many thanks


Just adding “X11failsafe” to the regular bootoptions fixes the problems I have reported - but this is obviously a temporary workaround with all kind of other side effects (wrong keyboard layout, etc). So, it looks like the automatic X server configuration went wrong.

Can anyone give me some advice on where to go from here?

Boot normally, not failsafe, and run sax2 -r

Thanks for your help, Knurpht.

I did as you suggested, and ran sax2 -r. Everything seemed to be recognised correctly, but I re-entered the information just in case. I re-booted, but unfortunately without success.

I’m back to using “x11failsafe”!