New 11.1 Factory is finally Sync'd

Or is in the process of sync’ing

This thread: Re: [opensuse-factory] Status openSUSE distribution

communication has been bad this time, but the sync seems to be going on right
Index of /factory/repo/oss/suse

The metadata under
Index of /factory/repo/oss/suse/setup/descr is not up to
data yet, therefore zypper does accept it.

Hopefully we have something to update in a few hours. On #opensuse-buildservice
the sync was expected to finish some time this morning.

Felix Möller

The thread says they are trying out 11.1B3 LiveCDs (but they are too large).

Assuming it’s sync’d, that will be an easy way to update to 11.1B3 ( but, me, I’m gonna do a clean install this time to last up to the last release candidate).

Off to find out.

Yep, Index of /pub/opensuse/factory/repo/oss is dated 18-Oct-2008 12:52 and may of the rpms I glanced at are dated 17-oct

There are 2 mini isos also up (I assume to network install) Index of /pub/opensuse/factory/iso

I can only assume the Devs are working overtime to get us the CD/DVDs very soon.

Have fun…

And it appears that Packman US mirror (Index of /factory/repo/oss) has sync’d too. Hot doggy:)

I found one glitch while looking around. KDE4-K3b-4.1.1.svn860449-2.2.i586.rpm claims to require when is already installed and working with an older version of kde4-k3b.

And they’re right. Kde4-k3b will no longer launch after I installed with the --nodeps option.

And the best: this time, the repository is synced out fully automatical via the openSUSE Buildservice! :slight_smile:

MPlayer also has a problem. Says it requires an older version of libdirectfb than what’s installed.

I did a “zypper ref” & “zypper dup”; took a couple hours, but I now have:

OS: Linux x86_64
Current user: jim@linux-wxyz
System: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 3 (x86_64)
KDE: 3.5.10 “release 17.7”

I was running on the Nvidia beta driver & had to reload the “nv” driver to get up 1st time.

No problems booting at all.

I will play with KDE4 & add back my other repos when I get back from the ranch tomorrow afternoon to see where I really am.

So far, so good; something to play with;)

So far, really good<:)

When I did zipper dup. I had un-ticked all my repos save for the new beta3. As a result, many of the previous Packman rpms were overwritten/updated. It was a simple matter to go back an tick those repos and do an update – save for a couple where the Beta3 had a later rpm than Packman & I had to do those manually (Kaffeine comes to mind).

I saw on the mailing list where someone had trouble booting; not me (every install is working 100% too). Also, another had problems with Mplayer install; not me, went right along like the rest.

I installed manually & that is also at 100%.

I have a few nit-noids which are previous install carry-overs (that’s why I like a clean install):

  1. When I boot to KDE4, kde4-Kaffeine opens; I assume this is because I did a shutdown with it open earlier in Beta2. Anyway, I haven’t found an easy way to get it to go away at boot.
  2. When I open Firefox it opens to a multi-tabbed view that I had earlier saved; can’t make that go away either, but, I can work around it.
  3. In KDE4, my taskbar was shortened to about 3/4’s page, it took me a while but finally figured out how to stretch it to full page. I guess that is why I still do most of my config in KDE3 (i.e., learning curve).
  4. I lost some taskbar KDE4 icons, have to relearn how to get them back – seems I remember right clicking on them somewhere.
  5. Some of the additional repos failed to fetch some rpms earlier (Mozilla comes to mind). I’ll try again later & I’m confident they will work (probably you guys got there 1st).

All in all, I’m impressed. This combo KDE3/KDE4 install is working well enough; I’ll leave it up & keep it as a basic KDE3 install. I’m going to do a separate pure KDE4 install when the Beta3 DVD or LiveCD is available tomorrow – & force myself to learn the KDE4 config:P

For now, I’ll start stuffing S/W and see if I can break something.

Have fun…

PS: Should you find a bug, don’t forget to report it – we want to get them fixed prior to release candidate one (rc1).