Neverputt game textures not displaying correctly in Tumbleweed

The transporter textures in Neverputt are displaying incorrectly. They should have a swirl pattern in a circle but on Tumbleweed they display as a square instead. See first hole of Golf Jambalaya course. (It won’t let me attach a screenshot).

This happens on both XFCE and KDE desktops. It seems to be specifically an OpenSUSE bug as these textures display OK on Arch and Debian versions.

Game was downloaded from:

You can go to and upload an image there (see the word Image at top-right).
After you did this, you can copy/paste the URL from the page as shown in the address bar of your browser (and not the URL of the image itself). Paste this using the Link button (the one with the globe) from the toolbar of the post editor.

OK, thanks for that. Image is here: SUSE Paste

(Transporter is shown directly above paused message.)

I am grateful that you shared such helpful information regarding this product. You have my utmost appreciation.