Neverball / neverputt no longer available for Tumbleweed

While updating to the 20201212 Tumbleweed snapshot, I saw that zypper dup wanted to remove, and not replace:


I locked these packages to prevent this removal, and the games still work perfectly. (Although neverball hasn’t had sound for awhile.) I can’t remember another occasion when a functioning package has been removed, so I thought I’d ask: is there anything wrong with these games that I should know about? Have they caused crashes on some systems, or misbehaved in some other way?

I admit that my world won’t come to an end without these games:), but I’m curious enough to ask.

I guess it’s no longer maintained ?

Thanks for the response, Paul. A nice game while it lasted!

For the benefit of others: I guess neverball must have been moved to another repository. I found it in, added the repo, removed the neverball-related locks and ran zypper dup with the –allow-vendor-change switch. The dup updated neverball-related packages; the game runs; problem solved!