NetworkManager/Wireless Problem

My internal wifi is ath5k (Atheros 242) and I also have a D-Link USB (rt73usb) - on either or both, I can see wireless networks on Nrtworkmanager where just the other day, I simply clicked on the network and connected. Today, networkmanager doesn’t respond - it displays the wireless networks (wired works fine) but it just won’t connect to any of them now.

In Yast under configuration, it’ll scan and find networks - also, when I save my Network Settings under Yast, it chokes on “Activate Network Services” and gives me the error, “no network running”.

So, I’m at a loss as to what happened since Friday (laptop sits idle), and help would be appreciated. Iwconfig reports:

Access Point: Not-Associated

This noob is 2 seconds away from a clean install, help! :slight_smile:

Okay, it gets better - I’m connected! In Network Settings I changed the Global option to ifup (traditional method) and I’m connected. My Computer reports “unknown network status” but I have Firefox open and working (using my desktop to do this).

Evidently, I “broke” (k)networkmanager, I suppose I could completely uninstall then reinstall it, or maybe there’s something else going on? Kinda need networkmanager if I’m to connect

Only you don’t say HOW you are connected?
You mention Wired and Wireless

So are you connected as Wired or Wireless?

If you want to use knetworkmanager (which would be better) to manage your connections, you need to open Yast Network Devices - Network Settings and check ‘User controlled with Networkmanager’
when done there

Then add your New connections in knetworkmanager, click on the tray icon and add new eth0, wlan0

It does not need re-installing.

Sorry - if I plug in the ethernet, it connects without issue. Wireless works under ifup (system controlled), networkmanager (knetworkmanager) refuses to work, shows networks, when I click on them there’s no response, despite showing me all available open access points in range. Seems like networkmanager is hung up on something - unresponsive with wireless access points. I fixed that issue as well, was an error on WPA.

I uninstalled and reinstalled networkmanager (including knetworkmanager and associations) to no avail, same issue. I deleted all the connections in networkmanager and tried reconfiguring them (eth0, wlano, wlan1) and still wouldn’t work. Iwconfig reports that all is well, drivers, access points, connection, etc., under ifup.

**** strange, thanks for the help though.

I have the same problem. KNetworkManager shows my previously working wireless network, but does absolutely nothing when clicked on. No output to /var/log/NetworkManager or /var/log/messages. When I configure the wireless network “manually” with yast it works… I have all current updates installed (but I don’t remember which on broke it)