NetworkManager+WireGuard -> Missing editor


New user of OpenSuse. Pretty happy with it. :slight_smile:

I got a little complain: I am not able to configure WireGuard via NetworkManager (gnome/gui). NM complains about a missing vpn-editor.
Not sure what tool I should add in order to get this working. Any ideas?


PS: WireGuard is working fine via cli

Although IMO Wireguard is designed expressly to simplify management and configuration without Network Manager,

The following article describes how to set up Wireguard with Network Manager

Post again if you have issues…


Thanks for the link. This is a quite interesting read -this nmcli crazy feature rich :-). So now, I am able to import my config via cli and I got an active WireGuard connection.

nmcli connection up/down <config_name>

i can use nmcli for WG, nice!
Now, what would be cool is to have is a visual feedback in my nm-applet-panel in gnome, is there a chance that this can be done?
I ask since on my kubuntu19.10 an active WG is displayed visually (“lock”-symbol in taskbar) as soon as WG is connected via cli “wg-quick up”. Also there is a working gui within NM-applet to add/edit a WG connection. If I am not wrong this is what I “expect” to see in my gui.
Maybe my Opensuse setup is missing just a little library. :slight_smile: