NetworkManager takes 80000+ ms to start

I think I had the slowest openSUSE in the world:

marguerite@linux:~> systemd-analyze

Startup finished in 10190ms (kernel) + 136255ms (userspace) = 146445ms

marguerite@linux:~> systemd-analyze blame | head
84235ms NetworkManager.service
8395ms home.mount
4392ms systemd-modules-load.service
4066ms localnet.service
3981ms windows-C.mount
3083ms systemd-vconsole-setup.service
2204ms systemd-logind.service
2158ms boot.mount
2016ms xdm.service
1977ms vboxdrv.service

A plot is at

The NM.service strace is even to large to paste.o.o (6.6MB), so I upload it at NetworkManager.strace

can anyone give me some advice on how to improve NM performance ordelay its start until I login into my KDE desktop?

And is my NM performance worthy to open a bug report?

Thanks in advance


Just guessing, but did you try booting with System V (F5 at the Startup screen)?

It’s a NM bug confirmed by maintainer binli.

Aug 19 23:28:39 linux NetworkManager[709]: <warn> Trying to remove a non-existant call id.
Aug 19 23:28:51 linux NetworkManager[709]: <info> Auto-activating connection ‘NETGEAR’.

bug seems to be here, it take more than 10s to remove that non-existant call id.

Could you share the bug ID ?


Thanks you very much for the report and ID :slight_smile: