NetworkManager(s) worth trying!

Hi there, people.
As you might know, the current release of NetworkManager-kde4 causes trouble for some of us. As to this moment, I’m sick of the release delays, fixing problems and treatment of its users.

Here’s the magic question: Which other NetworkManagers do you know of that are worth a try?
They should look a little stylish, work as they should and most important of all even show/connect to networks with a low connectability.

I’ll start with “wicd”. Although wicd is a good choice, it lacks some interoperatibility with OpenSuse. A part of the menu slips under Suses taskbar. Not good. It connects relatively slowly and the weirdest part…
After telling me it could not fetch an IP for the given network, it suddenly shows it’s “connected” - without having done so. Awesome.

Please take a minute to post some network managers you’ve been playing with and/or had good results. THANKS GUYS! :wink:

Seen this ?


deltaflyer44 wrote:
> ‘Seen this ?’ (


This post had me revisit the Broadcom section of that document.

The following text is not as good as it should be.

Note: If the output of ‘lspci -v’ indicates that you have a BCM4310,
BCM4328 or BCM4329, this procedure will not work. For those cases, you
will need the Windows driver and ndiswrapper.

A better version is the following:

Note: If the output of ‘lspci -n | grep 14e4’ contains 14e4:4315 or
14e4:432X, this procedure will not work. For those cases, you need
either the Broadcom-wl proprietary driver package from the Packman
repository, or ndiswrapper and the Windows driver. The wl driver is
the preferred option.



Thanks Larry, now updated


Thank you for your link, deltaflyer44. I am actually looking for programs to set the networks up with, Are WiFi Radar KWirelessMonitor you’d recommend?

Wifi-radar i would recommend as it works well. Kwireless monitor i wouldn’t really recommend as it is no longer updated


Thanks for the hint, I’ll catch on that one. Now…too bad this thing isn’t in the repos - I’ve been looking for something that updates that way as well…

Mh… I tested it. Honestly speaking I find the interface way too complicated and its setup procedures way to slippy. In short: I don’t like it and I, myself, wouldn’t recommend it. Thanks for your suggestion anyway. :wink:

Seems to me, as has been discussed on another thread, that the main problem with networkmanager for KDE4 is it’s insistence on using Kwallet, rather than giving the user the option not to as in the KDE3 version. Surely this is not a big problem for the developers, though given the problems associated with coming up with the K4 version anyway, possibly detaching it from Kwallet is too hard. Anyhoo, for my 10 pennies worth. In the absence of networkmanager I am using Wicd, which works well for what it does, but does have limitations as have already been mentioned.

I got a reply from a post I left at the KDE community forums asking whether or not Kwallet is a requirement to get Knetworkmanager to work in 4.3 (as opposed to the k3 version in 4). Seems it is. “KWallet is a hard requirement because in KDE 4 other backends will be available, so the details need to be stored in a backend agnostic fashion”.

Stumbled across these two programmes today at Free Qt Applications -
NUT - NUT - Network UTility
netconfig - netconfig

Maybe worth a look, I have not tried them so cannot comment.

WICD !!!
You have to change networking from Networkmanager to traditional +

You have to have the network devices activated ‘on cable connection’ for wired, ‘manually’ for wireless +

You have to start WICD on boot through Runlevel editor in Yast.

But then it does the job like it should. In all it’s simplicity. Love it.

I really like wicd too, but its having a hard time picking up on low-connection networks.