Networkmanager plasmoid KDE 4.5 Error

After the first reboot in KDE 4.5.1 the network manager plasmoid stopped to work well by showing a red icon (typical error icon) with a message that says that there aren’t network interfaces. The issue is that my network is working just fine. All net interfaces are up and running well. In fact nm connected to my favorite set connection but the plasmoid doesn’t work well.

Is this a client app issue? Clearly it is not my system.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like an issue with the Plasmoid.
But I have never used it.

This also happened to me. When using the networkmanager, you need to install
the new version of networkmanager first. Then, the distro update.

The following steps should clear it up:

  1. Close the networkmanager
  2. Log out and log in console login
  3. Type in your user name and password
  4. Type in: sudo zypper in plasmoid-networkmanagement
  5. Restart your system

Good Luck!


Thanks Romanator but not sure how the plasmoid have been working quite well today.
If anything happen again I will post it.


The plasmoid-networkmanagement replaces the older knetworkmanager that we remember from earlier versions of KDE.
It also provides more information about your connection.

I would also recommend checking Yast → Network Devices → Network Settings.

Good Luck!


Thanks Romanator. In fact the idea is to try an alternative to knetworkm so I’ll give this plasmoid a few more weeks otherwise I’ll bring knetm back again.


Check out knemo. I’m using it as it provides additional statistics. You can find in the “Extra” repository.