networkmanager no devices

I can’t see any of my devices showing up in network manager to configure even though they’re using dhcp and working. How do I get them in so I can configure a proxy?

This problem still isn’t resolved but I’ve decided to go with ifup as it works just fine. Thanks anyway.

You’d better upgrade to KDE4 4.3.5. That includes a better knetworkmanager. Since devices work with ifup, they are being recognized and configurable. So it must be in the networkmanager.
Another solution can be WICD. A one-click install is found on, search for “wicd”.

The proxy configuration should be done in KDE4’s Systemsettings - Network Connections - Proxy

Good luck

Thanks, I will definitely check those both out although I will proceed with caution. I had to put this system into production asap or get our network taken over like the borg.

I’ve got my internet content filtered which is what I set out to do. It’s pretty sad when you watch the connection utilization go from 100% to 60% in just a couple of hours just blocking streaming media. ****, now people actually have to work.