NetworkManager/ModemManager GOBI Quallcomm

I just upgraded from OpenSusE 12.1 to 13.1. For the most part the upgrade went pretty well, but there are some nagging issues.

  1. I like the profiles for my wired network. For some reason netconfig update -f doesn’t update my DNS from a static wired network setting, /etc/resolv.conf still has the last DHCP learned DNS address/name
  2. There is no choice under network manager for the wired network, to configure I have to go under wireless -> configure and then select the wired network. It would be nice if I could select my wired profile from the menu
  3. When I first upgraded I was really happy to see that my WWAN and bluetooth network profiles were preserved and worked. After accepting updates, joy went to sorrow, the WWAN connection (Qualcomm/GOBI/Verizon) disappeared and the bluetooth connection through my phone also stopped working.

I have more challenges but this is all in the networking space.